Day Six – Play time


Today we spent the afternoon in Key West. I kept wondering if doing the 29 Day Gift Challenge was a good idea. What could I possibly give while on holiday to Cuba with Dan and a bunch of others? Today I found a way to once again turn my time and attention into a gift. Dan and I spent most of the day wandering around in Key West. We spent some time in Ernest Hemingway’s house, and while I’m not a rabid fan of Hemingway, it was really cool to have a chance to walk through his home and then see his actual writing studio. We made it out and down the street and stopped at a little Mexican café, where the food was terrific. While we were there, a rain shower passed through, but we were under cover at the café, and we enjoyed having time with just the two of us.

We also stopped at Fat Tuesday, and I got a frozen margarita, while Dan had a rum runner. So where did the gift come in? Well, it’s like this – I’m on vacation, and because I’m really not a fan of large groups of people, I could easily have just taken the time to spend with Dan alone. But the group we’re traveling with is friendly, so as Dan and I were finishing our lunch, we invited others in our group to meet us at Fat Tuesday. By the time everyone responded to my text, Dan and I had left Fat Tuesday and were enjoying a small tea shop. We turned around and walked back to Fat Tuesday, where we had a nice time with the others.

At dinner, Brooke, the adorable two year old traveling with us, finally decided she wanted to play with me. She’d been ignoring me for the whole trip thus far, so her choice to find me appealing was enchanting for me. Instead of focusing on the meal and the adult company, I decided my gift would be my time making a child happy and giving her parents a break. It might have seemed like a small gift, but it was one I gave with one hundred percent of my heart and attention, which made it very special to Brooke’s mother, and it made my heart sing. I am tired tonight, but it’s a happy tired, and I’m hoping Cuba will be another chance for me to give a gift and keep up the challenge.


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