Day Five – All that glitters is mom


Day Five – This afternoon we left Tampa heading for Key West and Cuba. Just as we were about to reach the terminal, my mom called. Because we were on the cusp of being lost, I asked if everything was okay and if so, could I call her back. As she told me everything was fine and hung up, I could tell she had been crying. As soon as we figured out where we were, I called her back to find out what was wrong.

As it turned out, she was crying because of the Day Five gift. I’d ordered it a few days ago when we were talking and she mentioned that she’d been coloring a lot. When I asked how her markers were holding up, she said the glittery ones had run their course. Thanks to the magic of Amazon prime and a phone in my hand, I was able to order some markers to be delivered today. She had called today to let me know she had received the markers and cried so much she had to take a nap because of the crying headache. She was so moved by the gift that she couldn’t stop crying. “Mom, it’s just some sparkly markers,” I said, trying not to laugh and knowing exactly where I get my sensitivity.

But really, it wasn’t just the glittery markers. The small gift I was trying to give my mom was a moment of happiness and surprise, and what happened because of it was that I received the most wonderful gift of all – my mom told me she loved me and the person I’ve become because I am kind and thoughtful and caring. Maybe I try to be all those things, but it was such a gift to hear it from her and know that one little surprise could mean so much to both of us.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring and what kind of gift I’ll be able to give tomorrow from Key West?

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