Day Twenty One – Pink Leather


Right after school let out in June, I bought myself a small, pink leather backpack that’s just large enough to hold my laptop, a paperback book, a pad, and my variety of cords and pens. It was a big, luxury purchase for me because I did NOT need another case for a laptop or even another bag of any kind. But I liked it right away and treated myself. Exactly three weeks ago, our realtor noticed my laptop bag when she was at our house looking over an offer that was to eventually fall through. She complimented it profusely, and right away, I knew I was going to find one for her, too.

We went back to Sam’s Club, where I’d initially found it, and it was the first day of my 29 Gifts challenge. I was so excited because I knew exactly what my first gift would be. What a disappointment when I dug through all of the backpacks and couldn’t find a pink one anywhere in the store. I found another gift to give, of course, but it’s been on my mind since, and I was so disappointed that I couldn’t surprise our realtor with something so totally unexpected that I knew she’d love.

Today, we had a doctor’s appointment with Dan’s cardiologist in Rockledge. We were both so happy with the results of the appointment, which showed Dan to be in pretty good health with a couple of easily-fixable exceptions, that we kind of spontaneously decided to spend the day just enjoying being with each other. We stopped at Sam’s Club on the way home to pick up some salt for the water softener, and imagine my incredible surprise and delight when I saw it, sitting on the shelf just a few feet ahead of me. It was a pink leather backpack, not a big, bulky one, but a petite, lovely thing – a little larger than a purse and definitely more functional and user-friendly. I grabbed it so fast, I’m sure the people next to us thought me mad, but I was thrilled.

As it happened, we were on the way to the other house when we finished at the store because our realtor had a showing this afternoon and would be stopping by to turn off the lights. Dan and I made it there and dropped off the pink leather backpack and a thank you note to the realtor, turning on the lights to make the place look homey and wishing it well before we left.

When I got home, my phone was ringing, and it was the realtor, telling me the showing had happened earlier than expected (probably minutes after we’d walked out the door) and letting me know how excited and pleased she was with the gift. It felt so good to be able to find the perfect gift for someone and share something that I knew she’d like. I was so glad I was able to make her happy and that it made me feel so happy too. Knowing that I’d made her happy and that Dan had gotten a clean bill of health was a comfort to me later in the day, when I kind of got blindsided by someone I really wanted to trust. So maybe the pink leather backpack showed up on the shelf as a tiny miracle just so I could finally find a way to share the gift I’d been thinking about for three weeks since this experiment started. If so, I’m grateful it came on the heels of good news about Dan’s health and for the chance to feel like I did one thing right for someone today.



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