Day Eighteen – A Kind Word


On the eighteenth day, I went back to basics and offered a word of support and kindness to two different friends who, like me, struggle with depression. I suspect that theirs may be more debilitating than mine, and I am so grateful that once upon a time, someone I respected tremendously shared her own battle with depression and encouraged me to call her own doctor and decide whether or not medication would help. I have done it for others many times since, hoping to impact other lives as positively as mine was impacted by my friend’s honesty, openness, and compassionate sharing.

Yesterday, I messaged a friend who I suspected has been ‘hermiting’ because of a bout with depression and insecurity. I had so hoped to see her at the Bling Thing the other evening, and as wonderful as that event was, I missed my friend. When I got her response filled with love and gratitude, I was so very glad I had reached out. Sadly, I had been correct in my assumption that perhaps she was struggling, but I was grateful to learn that she has a strong support system and was genuinely glad to hear from me. A similar story played out with another friend and a situation not too different. It makes me wonder how many of us do suffer in silence, go ‘hermit’ for a while until it’s over, or try to find ways to numb the pain until it passes?

Maybe my gift yesterday on the eighteenth day wasn’t big and flashy, but I still think it was a worthwhile gift, and knowing that my contact had made each of my friends feel loved and cared for made me feel grateful for reaching out. Maybe it’s good to know and appreciate that not every gift given can be or needs to be big and flashy. It just needs to be given with love and heart pure and free of any ulterior or self-serving motivation.


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