Pinkie Promise

A pinkie promise is a sacred thing – whether you’re five or fifty!

Fulfilling a promise to award-winning author and illustrator, Janeen Mason, I am finally putting fingers to keyboard to create a blog. In addition to holding up my end of a pinkie promise, I think I’d like to find out if anyone is interested and willing to read some “test runs” of chapters for three books I’ve been carrying around in my head for far too long.

I know people who are, quite literally, skilled Facebook performers, Twitter whores, and so addicted to the instant rush of gratification they receive from getting gobs of comments that they are disappointed when a post doesn’t reap the mountain of comments and accolades that seem to energize them like Pac-Man dots. I’m not one of them, but I am doing a little experiment here, and I’m hoping you’ll help me make a decision by voicing your opinion.

If I were to “test-drive” a few pieces of writing here that might eventually work their way into a book called Fourteen Angels or possibly one entitled Nice Work If You Can Get It, would you be interested in reading them? And, if you liked them, would you take the time to zip off a quick comment to let me know if I should “keep writing” or simply “keep my day job”?

I thank you sincerely for reading my maiden voyage into the world of blogging, and anxiously (and yes, that does mean there’s a little anxiety involved) await any kind of response “with worms on my tongue”, which is what my little sister used to say when she meant to say “baited breath.”



3 thoughts on “Pinkie Promise

  1. You know how I feel about your writing and that I’ve encouraged you to write a book as well. Your writings are always entertaining and visual. Write away!


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